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Who We Are

Medley Farmacêutica, a Sanofi Company, it is one of the biggest Brazil’s pharmaceutical industries.

With two manufacturing plants in Campinas/SP and Brasília/DF, Medley produces pills, capsules, coated pills, liquids, balms, creams, and suspensions. In total, including our sales force teams, Medley employs around 1,600 persons.

Medley's success is directly related to its coherent management style, that values social projects, and to our Human Resources policy, which is dedicated to internal growth and the personal and professional development of our people.

Generic Medicines

Respect, innovation, quality, effectiveness. These adjectives may seem wide-ranging, but all are complementary and help translate what Medley represents in the Brazilian Generic Medicine Market. The company was the first to be approved by the Federal Government to perform its own pharmaceutical equivalence testing, and, even before the approval of Generic Medicines in Brazil, we performed a relevant role in campaigns to help in supplying affordable and quality products to the Brazilian population, with the continued intent to making good health accessible to all.

The wide portfolio of Generic Medicines from Medley is entirely produced within the rigorous standards of quality set by Anvisa. Additionally, the company works towards the awareness of the importance of medical guidance, of correct pharmaceutical assistance, and of the quality of life offered by generic medicines.

The acknowledgement to this work can be observed in our leadership in medical prescriptions, which directly reflects in the market.

Medley has made large investments in pharmaceutical bio-equivalence and equivalence, in addition to having acquired high-technology equipment, and is capable of developing and producing a diversified lineup of generic medicines with the same effectiveness and safety of the reference products, but at very affordable prices.


External Market

As in any international development project, to blaze the trail and especially know the market wherein we were entering was key. Additionally, the Brazilian regulation requirements meant that the company had one of the best pharmaceutical portfolios in the world, with medicines accepted without requiring many adaptations on various countries with large potential export markets.

Comunication Sustainability

Providing health and well-being to the largest possible number of persons. That is the guideline that moves Medley on all our communications actions. In fact, the company reinforces its institutional image with athletic sponsorships. To Medley, associating our brand and products to sports and athletes is a way to foster the practice of sports, and to reinforce the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

The search for sustainability, that is, the continuation of the business of our company without negatively affecting the future generations, and assuring our needs are met with balanced actions in the present, is another great aspiration of Medley.

Currently, the company already develops projects that look to increasingly strengthen the relationships and publicize the principle of the Global Pact and the Millennium Goals, establishing social, environmental, and economic indicators to promote and consolidate this issue amongst our stakeholders. Medley was one of the first companies in its industry in Brazil to adopt the Guidelines form the GRI (the Global Reporting Initiative) for its Social Responsibility report, which translates our concern in making our actions transparent to all our stakeholders.

About Medley

Medley ( a Sanofi company, is one of the largest pharmaceutical industries of the country. The company has a broad portfolio of Generic and brand medications, and works to promote health welfare for the Brazilian population. In total, the company employs approximately 1,600 employees.

For the fifth straight year, Medley won the Trusted Brands Award Selections / IBOPE in the category Medicine Laboratory Generic most trusted by consumers and, according to other evaluations of IBOPE, the company achieved the top as the Generic lab greater confidence and recommendation of medical and pharmaceutical public.

Medley is considered the pharmaceutical industry with the best reputation for research "The Best Companies to the Consumer" A, the journal season and ReclameAqui site, and "Companies that most respect the consumer in Brazil", the Shopper Experience and magazine Consumidor Moderno. And it is one of the most recognized companies in the survey "Successful Brands 2014," People's Post and Datastore.

About the Sanofi
Sanofi is among the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

In Brazil, leads the field of the pharmaceutical market with about 12% market share (combined sales of Sanofi and Medley).

With 4,300 employees, Sanofi Brazil offers a broad portfolio of medicines, adapted to the profile of Brazilian patients, which includes branded medicines, OTC and generics and vaccines through its Sanofi Pasteur division.

In Brazil, Sanofi has three industrial plants: Suzano (Sanofi), Campinas and Brasília / DF, with production capacity which is expected to surpass 400 million units annually.

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